In Kai Coggin's stunning debut collection of poetry, PERISCOPE HEART, the Heart is the lens through which she leads us in words. Every line is infused with beauty and light and a yearning that is inescapable, palpable. Her voice is precise and piercing, like a song you hum without knowing, because it is already inside you. Her poems carry the fluttering soul, with vivid imagery that is tangible and evocative. PERISCOPE HEART  is the sound of wings opening.


Kai's wings are wide open and soaring in her second poetry collection, WINGSPAN. A catalog of fight and flight through life, Kai invites her readers into the innermost parts, where wing tuft meets flesh, where flesh meets bone. WINGSPAN is a book of spirit, movement, mirrors, activism, love, and the fluttering song of a woman who is coming into her own beauty and beingness. Coggin's poetic measurement in words, WINGSPAN holds earth and infinity between its feather tips.

INCANDESCENT, Kai's third and most recent bold collection, shines a blazing FIRE on the injustices of the world, on the darkness of the political sphere, and on the beautiful hearth of the home. It offers the reader a bit of hope through the chaos, a spark of revolution, a call to rise up and stand as warriors against the unraveling of our collective principles of good. It is a spark, a flame, a fire, an ember of truth that will not be silenced. INCANDESCENT is a clarion call that burns l
ike a phoenix rising from the ash.



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