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P E R I S C O P E   H E A R T


In Kai Coggin's stunning debut collection of poetry, the Heart is the lens through which she leads us in words. Every line is infused with beauty and light and a yearning that is inescapable, palpable. Her voice is precise and piercing, like a song you hum without knowing, because it is already inside you. Her poems carry the fluttering soul, with vivid imagery that is tangible and evocative. PERISCOPE HEART  is the sound of wings opening.



I first met Kai Coggin as a blazing fire of energy, a supernova educator in the Houston high schools.  Now she is on her light path, teaching through her own poetry.  Her words are spells, chants, prayers, invocations.  Thank you, Kai, for work of the spirit, for illuminations like desert thunder and a night sky of benedictions.

    - Sandra Cisneros

      Internationally Acclaimed Author of The House on Mango Street



Kai Coggin’s first full-length collection, Periscope Heart - as the title may suggest - overflows with intimate reflections on life and love that offer the reader heartfelt observations into places ordinarily beyond our range of vision.  Through sensual chronicles that beautifully illuminate taboo subjects, Coggin’s poetry draws from nature and personal narratives to intimate us with her passion for justice, social change and spirituality, in dynamic, seductive strokes.

    - Catherine Ghosh

       Editor of Journey of the Heart: An Anthology of Spiritual Poetry by Women



Kai Coggin’s Periscope Heart is beauty mapping the dark, a canyon of becoming and letting go.  It is a compass to a place where desire is no different than already-full.  It beckons and peels open what is fierce in our softness.  This book unleashes possibility, celebrates the wild and untethered, while slowing everything down to the heart’s pace. 

     - Andrea Gibson

       Spoken Word Artist and Author of The Madness Vase

       Winner of 2008 Women of the World Poetry Slam

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