Published  Poems

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Peace Bombs




Be Coming


For Maya, on this, The Morning of Your Death




Willing My Body Parts


Planting an Acorn after a Massacre


That Day I was Jesus Christ (Total Eclipse of the Heart)


Abandoned Seeds


Night  Swimming






Muddy Waters


Falling in Love with My Body


From Inside the Tower


Planting Stars


Tiny Boat


Meditation on a Canoe


Be Coming


i forgot my name




Valentine for a Vacant Womb


Abandoned Seeds


Every Black Boy is a Lion


Becoming Vapor and Rain


Changing My Own Name / Kai & Kimberly


Everything Silver


Dry-spell Ocean




Becoming Vapor and Rain (&) You Become Me Become You


Dad & The  Dalai Lama


Washed-Up Dinosaurs


With this Kiss


Into Stillness

Deja Vu

How to be Fat and Beautiful

Once in a Blue Moon

An Open Letter to my Arm Flaps

Water Fountain Witness


The Pulse of a Rainbow



On Being Naked

Chances Are

I May Never Push You Out

If We Could Turn Back Time

Swastikas into Windows

Walls in Midair




grey horse

this is a painting

this is how to eat your past

good friday

When Everything is About to Burn

Moon Without

I keep going


Creating a Rainbow for the Whole World to Hold

Body As Warship

Bluebirds Renting the Squash Studio

Love Notes

Blue Babies


More Like Magic

Where are The Warriors

Incandescent II




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